Wind-chimes in the Dark

Wind-chimes in the dark of night are a reminder that there’s so much more to life than what meets the eye. I can’t see the chimes in the same way that I can’t see the wind. But the chimes ring clearly when a gentle breeze blows. The wind-driven song is heard in the same way that a whispering wind is felt. I can’t prove the existence of the wind with sight, but just the nature of the movement of theRead more


Big wide ocean straight ahead. Waves rushing in. Little boy waiting with anticipation for the waves to reach him. Cautiously anticipating the cold water at his little feet. As his mom, I pray that he continues to have this approach to life- the wonder, the initiation, the pursuit balanced with caution,and the anticipation of something good coming his way. Eager anticipation of what’s ahead can be summed up in other words like expectation and hope. May this little guy continueRead more

Some Thoughts on Raising Boys

Memories of Raising Boys Raising 5 sons has been a wild ride, and one of the greatest blessings of my life. All different personalities from goofy to serious to inquisitive. Athletic and Artistic. Academic and Outdoorsy. Sometimes silly/sneaky (can you tell which one in the photo I am referring to?) Sometimes more direct than I’d choose. Thankful for the worlds they’ve opened up to me, and the way that their gusto and excitement for life has helped me to appreciateRead more