Paint it Red

Paint it Red

So here’s the thing…

Caboose in the country. Painted bright red. Standing straight and tall with green garland and red ribbons on the front and a Christmas wreath on the back. Bright red shiny metal against a bright blue country sky. Red paint that changed the ordinary black train car into an object of art. Beauty. Red that shines and brightens and makes you look. Red that makes you smile. A caboose in the country wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t painted red.

My son used to wear red socks. Granted, he was three. They were those Gymboree socks that went with those cute little outfits that his grandma had bought him. But he wanted to wear red socks everyday. EVERyDay!! Red socks to play in the sandbox. Red socks when he’d ride his bike. Red socks under his black rubber boots that weren’t so stylish but were a definite need. And do you know what? Everytime I saw those red socks, something in me just smiled and appreciated the joys…the little simple joys in life.

So here’s the thing. The ordinary stuff of life…the things that we so often overlook…let’s paint them red. Take note of the special things in your life and don’t be afraid to make them stand out and shine. Laugh loudly, smile broadly, love deeply. Stand out. Bring on the red socks and the red cabooses, red ribbons in little girls’ hair and red mailboxes and doors and coats. Bring on the red roses and red balloons. And the next time you go to the store, pick up a can of red spray paint because you never know when you might need it to add “extra” to “ordinary”.

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