Time to Reflect

Some days I feel as though I have to stay “on”. Not just awake and engaged, but at full throttle going from one thing to another. Like a light bulb that stays on all day and night. And even the quiet seems loud because I have a hard time quieting the nagging thoughts of what else needs to get done that hasn’t yet been completed. From early morning to night, with very little time for quiet. It’s on those especiallyRead more

Filtered Through

“Everything that comes into our lives is filtered through God’s Hands”, said the Pastor’s wife who would become a dear friend and mentor. She would hold her hand open and give a visual as she said it. I love the phrase “filtered through”. Like sunshine filtering through the trees. Sometimes we get the sunshine. Sometimes, what is filtered through His hands does not appeal to us, but may be the very thing that will enrich our lives and cause usRead more


Sweet Sixteen. Smiling. Trying on the shimmery purple prom dress that her Dad had picked out for her. “That’s you, Hope”, he had said. And she agreed. We all agreed. And she came home and modeled and danced and twirled in the same way that she had when she was wearing her little pink tutu at three years of age. But this time, with a little more grace. (A little!) But the same amount of unfiltered joy that we allRead more

Daily Prompt ~ Discomfort

He didn’t like sitting in the chair. It was tough enough for him to sit still for a few minutes at any time of day, any place. But to sit there while his older brother was carefully cutting his hair, while he had itchy hair on his shoulders, and hair in his mouth? This was excruciating. But he waited. And the beauty of it was, that this very fidgety ultra-talkative 10 year old was waiting QUIETLY and PATIENTLY. No complaints.Read more

“It’s Complicated…”

I love to garden. I love to be a part of the process of having a vision for what a combination of plants will look like. I like to water, wait, and watch for new growth. I don’t like to weed. Weeding takes time. The weeds grow so much faster than my favorite plants ever do. If weeds are left to their own devices, they become a tangled mess. The beauty of the garden can’t be seen because the weedsRead more

A Breath of Fresh Air

The sun was shining brightly on the roof of Levine Children’s Hospital. Just to be able to bring Tanner into the outside air was a gift. In a period of 5 days, he had gone from having cardiac arrest to sitting in a wheel chair wearing a Panther’s hat signed by 4 Carolina Panther’s football players, and a candy necklace around his neck given by hospital volunteers. Showered with love and affection in tangible gifts. And now, showered in sunlightRead more

Paint it Red

So here’s the thing… Caboose in the country. Painted bright red. Standing straight and tall with green garland and red ribbons on the front and a Christmas wreath on the back. Bright red shiny metal against a bright blue country sky. Red paint that changed the ordinary black train car into an object of art. Beauty. Red that shines and brightens and makes you look. Red that makes you smile. A caboose in the country wouldn’t be the same ifRead more

A Bridge Between The Two

An Ending … a Beginning a Bridge Between The Two The distance oft-determined by the Allowance to Renew Grief…a purging The walls come tumbling down Hope…a Surging of God’s Grace so deep, profound Hope…Renewal You’ll rise, you’ll walk again Until then rest knowing that He’ll carry you, my friend He’ll carry you, my friend. (Photo Credit: Rachel Q. Keeley)Read more