Daily Grace

So here’s the thing.  Life goes fast.  No doubt.  My third son just graduated from high school and I can vividly remember the minute he was born. The school year just got out for the summer.  Wasn’t it just Christmas?

so here’s the thing.  I want to make the most of my moments.  Capture them.  Seize them.  Use them.  Not to get more stuff.  Not to get accolades.  Not to build me up.  But to use them to do something that lasts.  I want to encourage the people in my life…and the people whose paths I cross that I may never see again.  I want to live my life in a way that God will truly say, “Well done” when he sees me.  I want to live with humility and grace and hope…and let my actions speak so so so much louder than my words.  I want to love my kids (who are becoming adults) well.  i want to be bold and yet full of grace.

Desire becomes action not in the huge plans, but in the little steps. In the doing, not in the dreaming.  Going to go make my son breakfast and bring my husband a cup of coffee.  Going to do the laundry and not complain, and then go for a long walk at the river and smile at the people I pass.  Going to pray through my day and ask God for opportunities to bless others by letting His Spirit just live through me.

That way, my moments may last a little longer…and have an eternal impact, instead of just wasting away like sands in an hourglass.

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