Light and momentary in the Light of Christ

I have always loved this verse.  But this week, I really struggled with it. Light and momentary struggles? My friend who just had to try to revive her 15 year old daughter who has been in a wheelchair her whole life and has had countless procedures and surgeries…  It was not light.  It was terrifying.  But was God in the midst?  Yes. It was not momentary.  The time it took for my friend to give mouth to mouth to her daughter whoRead more

F   A   L   L… I love it.. Autumn reds and oranges and mango tones against a bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds.  Winds that rush in and refresh and make the beauty move with life…. But then, the same winds strip the trees.  Leave barren branches…in the cold of late Fall and winter. then………. spring…new life!  new GREEN.  New hope.  A new kind of beauty that slowly approaches then seems to totally Pop! Thankful for the beauty in theRead more